International Business Helpdesk

Are you an entrepreneur who literally wishes to go beyond the boundaries of enterprise? As an international entrepreneur, you will most certainly be involved with numerous laws, regulations, subsidy regulations as well as financials risks. You can contact our country desks. They have direct contact with local advisors, because we form part of Baker Tilly International!

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Accounting & Assurance

Looking for a professional and committed party to collaborate with? Choose Baker Tilly Berk for your financial administration, drawing up your annual accounts and advice about your business operations.

A company is always in motion. Businesses will be confronted with different questions and challenges during each phase of its lifecycle.

Tax services

Good tax advice can be highly profitable, and can even yield unexpected benefits.

Transfer pricing

The world is globalising. You, as an entrepreneur, will face a number of challenges when expanding your business.

Tax Representation

International trade, foreign companies with a supply chain going through the Netherlands, are often confronted with Dutch VAT and compliance obligations.

Because legislation and regulations are constantly changing, it is important to regularly check your VAT position. We can advise you on this.

VAT & E-commerce

The European Commission published its VAT Action Plan and sets out urgent actions to tackle the VAT fraude as well as to update the current VAT system.

International Helpdesk

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and expand internationally? What about the numerous laws, regulations and financial risks you will encounter? Let us help! By means of our one-stop-shop, all international business arrangements can be made for you.

International Helpdesk

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