This special edition of our newsletter filled with end of year tips could perhaps mean another tax advantage for you this year…

End of year tips 2013

Each year we provide financial and fiscal tips that could lead to interesting benefits at the end of the year for you as entrepreneur in the Netherlands. This year you will also find some points for attention for some topics. The points for attention are of a more general nature and apply, in principle, each year.

  • General
    It is useful to look to what extent you can avoid tax interest, interest on overdue tax and penalties.
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  • Corporate income tax
    Look to see if there are any other possibilities for saving tax for your limited company. The following tips could also be relevant to other taxpayers if they fall under corporate income tax.
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  • VAT
    VAT declaration letter will disappear and revised VAT may no longer be collected retrospectively from the buyer.
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  • Personnel (wage tax)
    Interesting benefits at the end of the year for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands who want to keep and maintain control of staffing costs.
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  • Real estate transfer tax
    Amendments to real estate transfer tax for certain real estate entities.
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NB: part of the tips are based on legislative proposals that still need to be addressed by the Dutch Upper House. We therefore advise you to contact your advisor urgently if you wish to use the tips or points for attention. 

A great deal of care was taken in composing these end of the year tips. The intention is to provide anyone interested with some general information but not advice. For advice, we would recommend you to contact one of our qualified experts. We do not accept any liability for direct or indirect damage as a result of or in connection with the use of the information included in these end of the year tips.

Questions? More information?

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The newsletter is created with the cooperation of Vincent Weidenaar, Joyce Wagter, Koen Bakker and Herm Nieste (editor). You can send your comments to the editor, Herm Nieste h.nieste@bakertillyberk.nl

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