Baker Tilly Berk’s board consists of two registered accountants and one tax specialist. The board members spend approximately half of their time on administrative activities and the other half on customer portfolios, professional expertise and the international network respectively. This ensures the board members remain involved with the practice.

A great deal of importance is attached to quality and capabilities when appointing and assessing board members, in order to fulfil the public interest requirements. The board members’ remuneration consists of a fixed fee based on a management fee and is therefore not dependent on financial or commercial performance indicators.

Board members are appointed by the General Meeting of Shareholders for a three year period. Their possible reappointment is unlimited.

The board is accountable to the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg (RA)

Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg RA
  • Chairman of the board Baker Tilly Berk N.V.

Marcel Huisman (RA)

Over BTB Marcel Huisman
  • Board member Baker Tilly Berk N.V.
  • Partner Baker Tilly Berk N.V.

Mr. Rob Loves

Over BTB Rob Loves
  • Board member Baker Tilly Berk N.V.
  • Partner Baker Tilly Berk N.V.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) supervises the board on behalf of the shareholders. The SB consists of at least three members, other than the board members. Baker Tilly Berk N.V.’s partner shareholders can also be appointed as members of the Supervisory Board.

The General Meeting of Shareholders appoints the Supervisory Board members. The SB will prepare a nomination for every vacancy. The shareholders meeting may deviate from the nomination or instruct the SB to prepare a new nomination. The appointment of SB members is valid for a three year period. They can be reappointed once for a consecutive period of no more than three years.

The SB has access to all information it seems necessary for the proper execution of its duties.


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