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All services of Baker Tilly Berk N.V. and its affiliated companies are provided on the basis of a professional services contract governed by general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions contain a limitation of liability. The general terms and conditions can be found on this page and have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce under the following numbers:

  • Baker Tilly Berk N.V. - No. 24425560
  • Baker Tilly Berk Corporate Finance B.V. – No. 24384456
  • Administratie- en Adviescentrum ACN Utrecht B.V. – No. 30077386
  • Baker Tilly Berk VAT Compliance B.V. – No. 53254317
  • Finance4Care B.V. – No. 34237057
  • Baker Tilly Berk Interim Financials – No. 24425560
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