Substantiating the arm’s length nature of inter-company loans and guarantees

Substantiation can be obtained by determining the credit rating and calculating the corresponding rate of interest.

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Tax treaty changes with MLI

It is likely that over the coming years a large number of tax treaties will be changed. Possible changes to your future tax status.

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Fraud leads European Commission to announce a new VAT regime for intra-Community trade in goods

A new VAT regime will be introduced in order to reduce fraud. How will this affect your business?

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Social security convention between the Netherlands and China taking effect on 1 September 2017

This convention stipulates that employees who are seconded to China, and their dependent family members, will continue to be covered to some extent by social security legislation in the Netherlands.

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White House announces tax plan

On the 26th of April 2017 the Trump administration announced its tax plan. They consider it to be the largest corporate tax cut in history.

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Dutch Innovation Box regime in the Netherlands in 2017

The Dutch Innovation Box regime aims to stimulate technical innovation in the Netherlands. Since 1-1-2017, new regulations have become into force.

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