Russia desk

Russia desk

The Netherlands has a strong international position in terms of business and investment partners in Russia. Russia offers plenty of opportunities for Dutch business owners. Russia is experiencing economic growth, low unemployment and it has its trade deficit under control. However, the political and economic climate, language and cultural differences require thorough preparation in order to be successful at doing business in Russia. Our International Business Help Desk will support you every step of the way.

Local adviser

Would you like to do business in Russia? Proper preparation is half the work. Visit the country, understand the business opportunities abroad and build relationships with the locals. The most important advice we can give you is to hire a local partner / adviser. This will form the foundation for your success.

International Business Help Desk for Russia

Our Russian Business Help Desk has in-depth experience in all facets of doing business in Russia. We also have extensive experience with Russian companies that would like to establish business activities in the Netherlands. The International Business Help Desk can assist you in the following languages: Dutch, English and Russian.
In collaboration with Baker Tilly Russia our International Business Help Desk provides all the necessary support for doing business in Russia, such as providing advice about establishing the necessary structure, international and local tax advice, as well as expat and audit services.

When a Russian entrepreneur sets up business operations in the Netherlands

We offer support to Russian companies that are considering establishing business operations in the Netherlands by assisting them with a market entry strategy, setting up their company structure, providing them with tax advice, tax preparation services, accountancy and audit services.

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Международная служба поддержки бизнеса в России


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