EU VAT reporting

The declaration process of your VAT administration within the European Union is often complex and time consuming, and may involve major risks in an international structure. Would you like to make this simpler for your organisation? We offer a reliable and simplified solution with which we can take care of all VAT reporting obligations in the Netherlands and other EU countries for your organisation.

One gateway for all your VAT declaration

Our experience has shown that an automated and standardised VAT declaration process leads to less risk of mistakes and above all time savings for your organisation. In an automated process, various checks take place automatically. In consultation with you, we assess specific transactions, such as intra-Community transactions, inter-company transactions and the deduction of input tax.

In addition, your VAT returns in the various EU countries must meet all the current EU VAT regulations. To be able to meet the requirements in a correct and efficient way, you need a system that is up-to-date. We can also assure you that this is the case. New VAT rates and declaration formats: all are automatically tracked for you.

We have developed a procedure with which we can use our portal and software to submit your VAT declarations, Sales Lists and Intrastat declaration, in the various EU countries in a correct, timely and accurate manner. You have a single contact person for the processing of your declaration requirements and to answer your questions.

Do you need training to meet your VAT reporting obligations? During a training session, we will go through the entire VAT declaration process with your employees, from viewing VAT codes to submitting supplementary declarations.

Fiscal representation

If your organisation is not established in the Netherlands, you need a fiscal representative if:
- you wish to import goods into the Netherlands by means of a VAT reverse charge mechanism on import;
- you carry out transactions with excise goods in an excise warehouse;
- you carry out transactions and storage of goods in a VAT warehouse; and
- you carry out distance sales in the Netherlands.

We can act as the fiscal representative for your organisation. As the fiscal representative, we take care of the entire VAT registration and declaration process of your organisation in the Netherlands. We do this using the declaration tool that we have developed for this purpose.


Curious about recent changes in Dutch law and regulations, tips for international companies in the Netherlands, our Baker Tilly International network and much more? Read the latest articles on a variety of topics here and stay up-to-date.

Europe proposes drastic revision of the EU VAT system

Europe proposes drastic revision of the EU VAT system

The European Commission has published a legislative proposal, which aims to drastically change the intra-Community business-to-business (B2B) VAT system.

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Baker Tilly Berk turnover increases by 12.7% to € 99.4 million

Strongest growth was recorded in audit and in tax consultancy.

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Fraud leads European Commission to announce a new VAT regime for intra-Community trade in goods

Fraud leads European Commission to announce a new VAT regime for intra-Community trade in goods

A new VAT regime will be introduced in order to reduce fraud. How will this affect your business?

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Possible European VAT impact for intermediaries in chain transactions!

Recently the VAT working group of the European Commission published a document in which they provide their opinion about the VAT treatment of ABC-transactions as a result of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) judgement 'Fast Bunkering'.

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Approval of VAT-system Gulf area

Last month the introduction of a VAT-system in in the Gulf area has been approved.

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New web application for your intrastat return

As of January 1 Dutch intrastat authorities, will introduce a new program for filing the intrastat returns. The web application Intrastat Data Entry Package (IDEP) will replace the current program called CBS-IRIS.

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Register now for new VAT rules E-Commerce

Because of new VAT rules for E-commerce services, companies can register in the MOSS system as of October 1, 2014.

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New VAT rules for E-commerce services: Are you ready?

As from 1 January 2015 new VAT rules for E-commerce services supplied to non-taxable customers within the EU are applicable.

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EU VAT refund

Entrepreneurs established all over the world are in principle entitled to a refund of EU VAT that has been charged to them. This newsletter explains how this EU VAT can be reclaimed.

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