VAT & E-commerce

VAT & E-commerce

At the moment, companies in the E-commerce sector (distance selling) are encountering various barriers such as high VAT compliance costs, complicated VAT returns and registration procedures, problems in dealing with foreign tax administrations and practical problems such as establishing the online prices and VAT rates.

EU legislation on VAT & E-commerce

In order to resolve the above-mentioned problems, on 1 December 2016 the European Commission published various legislative proposals for the cross-border E-commerce sector. From 2018, these new VAT regulations could already have an impact on your VAT processes. Read the latest news and discover whether changes in threshold amounts, exemptions and in the application of the MOSS (Mini-One-Stop-Shop) system will affect your company.

VAT tips for cross-border E-commerce

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VAT return process within Europe

As an E-commerce entrepreneur with clients abroad, you will have to deal with European VAT obligations, such as VAT registrations and VAT return obligations. You can use local representatives to draw up and submit VAT reports. You can also opt for our E-commerce VAT Portal. This portal has been especially developed to completely automatize your VAT return process within Europe and to meet local VAT obligations.

Download the flyer to learn more about our E-commerce VAT Portal.

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Curious about recent changes in Dutch law and regulations, tips for international companies in the Netherlands, our Baker Tilly International network and much more? Read the latest articles on a variety of topics here and stay up-to-date.

Fraud leads European Commission to announce a new VAT regime for intra-Community trade in goods

A new VAT regime will be introduced in order to reduce fraud. How will this affect your business?

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Towards a new Reverse Charge Regime for EU VAT?

The EU has proposed a measure which is specifically aimed at combating the VAT carousel fraud: the generalized reverse charge mechanism.

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E-commerce: ‘in control’ of European VAT

How to avoid unexpected VAT payments or double taxation? Look at the most important practical areas of concern.

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Invitation e-commerce fair

Does your company have (cross-border) online sales or do you wish to take the first steps into E-commerce in the near future? Then this trade fair will be of interest to you.

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European Commission proposes far-reaching EU legislation on VAT and e-commerce

On December 1, the European Commission published multiple legislative proposals in the field of VAT and e-commerce.

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Commission proposals: a new VAT threshold and extension of the VAT MOSS

In one of our previous newsflashes, we noted that the European Commission is currently drafting proposals for new legislation in the field of e-commerce and VAT. One of the envisaged legislative changes is the extension of the so-called ‘VAT mini-one-stop-shop'.

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When will the Commission publish its proposals on EU VAT and e-commerce?

In our previous newsflash on VAT and e-commerce, we noted that the European Commission is drafting new e-commerce legislation in the field of EU VAT.

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EU plans for abolishing the import VAT exemption for small consignments

The European Commission has recently made the creation of a ‘single digital market’ one of its top priorities.

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Online trading: great opportunities for growth if you take each VAT step carefully

Online retailers with cross border ambitions should carefully consider a few important issues while selling online goods to consumers in another EU country.

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